I have been asked by the subject company to write a brief note to you explaining why I engaged Chris Frost to manage the construction of my new winery building in Greene County, Ohio. It is a genuine pleasure for me to do so. First, the company came well recommended by the owner of another nearby winery. I was looking for someone to help manage construction on my farm property and my friend, who owned another winery in Enon, OH, advised me to contact Chris Frost because he had a very good experience with the company in managing his winery construction. I felt that it was important to hire someone who had integrity and actual experience in building frame buildings, used for winery purposes, and Chris fit that description perfectly. I chose post and frame construction because it was highly cost effective and flexible and Chris had real expertise in the area. Secondly, I wanted to work with someone who was flexible and able to provide options in designs, materials, and labor. I did not know exactly what I wanted when I started my winery project and I changed my mind a number of times during the building process, even when I had a pretty good image of what I wanted. I clearly needed guidance and gentle direction. Chris was perfect in this regard, because his management was patient, willing to work with me as I changed my mind, and objective. The company did not attempt to push any particular product or process, but was sufficiently competent and confident to let me know when I was right, or when I was heading in the wrong direction. In a very nice, professional way Mr. Frost steered me away from mistakes I could have made, which would hurt the integrity of the product. Third, at all times, I felt Chris was on my side and was effectively representing my interests in issues with tradesmen, suppliers, and subcontractors. All work was multiple bid, which Chris managed. On more than one occasion we had to change approved suppliers to protect timing, quality, or budget, and Chris always handled these transitions for me in a very professional, business-like manner. I am by no means an expert in the building process, but Chris frequently took the time to educate me when I needed help with material and/or construction options. I could have easily been “eaten alive” by unprincipled suppliers if I had been left to my own devices. I was very glad that Chris was willing to run interference for me and fight for my best interests. He followed the construction process very closely, obtained all necessary lien waivers for me, and assured that all work was performed to expectations and specifications before vendors were paid. This oversight in itself was a huge benefit to me. In short, I would hire Chris Frost again in a heartbeat and would recommend the company to others who would want to build a nice building. In my case, I felt the company was worth every penny I paid it and I am glad to have done so. The construction took some time to complete, but the finished project is great. I am very happy with it.”
Walter J. Borda
Managing Member, Caesar Creek Vineyards, LLC - Xenia, Ohio
Veteran Building Systems is a top notch outfit. Chris Frost listened to what we were looking for and came up with a plan to make it happen. I would use him again and recommend him to anyone in the market for an exterior structure.
Brian Shampton
Owner, Reliant Restoration
It was a pleasure working with Veteran Building Systems. Chris Frost is a very professional, detailed, and honest proprietor. Chris went out of his way to make sure things were done right. It is refreshing to do business with such an honest professional. The crew worked under adverse conditions and took pride in their work. The building went up without a hitch. Will definitely use Chris in future projects!
Tom Trame
Sugarcreek Township, Greene County
We had a great experience working with Veteran Buildings. The owner, Chris Frost, has been a great guy to work with from start to finish. From my initial contact, through the completion of the building, Chris stayed in contact, was quick to answer any and all of my questions, and has followed through on all of his promises. The building crew was impressive to say the least. The three man team showed up to unload the building and stage the work site on Friday. They came back on Monday morning, and by Thursday evening, they handed us the keys to our completed building. We are very happy that we chose Veteran Buildings, not only for their great customer service, but because the quality building they built for us, will be enjoyed by our family for generations to come.
Bob Wilson
Pastor, Potter's House Springfield Campus