Hiring the Right Building Contractor

Make sure your building it built right the first time!

  1. What do I need to know when hiring a contractor to build my building?
  2. Does my builder take care of zoning certification? Does he make sure the building is far enough away from other structures, wells, septic tanks, property lines, easements, etc.?
  3. Has my builder gained approval from the health department to ensure the structure is not being built over a future planned, septic recovery or replacement area?
  4. After all of the above comes the permit process. Who is paying for the permit? Does the owner supply that or does the builder?
  5. Has the builder visited the Auditor’s office and provided them notice that a structure is being built?
  6. Who provides the plot plan? Is that an additional service?


If you hire an inexperienced contractor, you could be razing your building within a year. The local building department has the authority to adjudicate and require removal of a structure that does not meet the building permit and design requirements.

Is this scary? YES. It should be.

That’s why you need to hire a reputable builder that follows all local ordinances, permit and building standards. If you cut corners to save a few dollars now, it will almost always cost you in the long run.

Potential Issues:

Improper Grade
Building stays damp, moldy and contents suffer. Drainage, downspouts, gutters and other issues such as tile should be addressed.

Improper Ventilation
Building and animals or contents may suffer from mold and respiratory issues, not to mention higher temps in the summer and colder temps in the winter.

Foundations and Fill
This is very important. If foundations are not properly sized or the base materials used for fill are not installed properly, the concrete and the structure will fail rapidly.

Insulation/ Condensation Protection
Talk with your builder that these protections are covered

Quality of Materials
If a competitor’s bid is less than ten percent it is likely always quality of materials or crew. Not the size or shape of the building and it’s accessories that make the difference in price.